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Days Training BJJ

By Jon Santos - Posted on 10 October 2013

I have trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for almost 19 years.I have seen first hand the real secret how people become better,average or stay the same.I have learned that hard work wins vs talent.Too many times I have seen talented BJJ,MMA

Bullshit something many people do at the gym,Academy.People Bullshit themselves then they try to Bullshit their instructors/coaches/Friends.I have experience in this because I have been on both sides.After all these years training the one thing I can say is be realistic with yourself. Do real push ups do real sit ups push yourself to become better.You are who you look at in the mirror every morning.

People training Jiu Jitsu ask "how many days should I train?"
Here is my opinion

#1 days a week = You will be better than people that don't train

#2 days a week = You will keep the skill you have already learned you will progress but slower better than training 1 day a week

#3 days a week = You are getting better every week keep at the basics it will take longer to become promoted

#4 days a week = You are getting a lot better your body is getting use to the hard work.You are picking up new moves and thinking about moves while you are not at training.tournament time

#5 days a week = Read #4 plus even more you are taking extra time with drilling and other Tech moves.Your defense is growing and at 5 days a week your submissions are getting polished tournament time plus medals

#6 days a week = Almost over board if this is just BJJ.Switch up the workouts, can your body hold up this long without injury?The successful people who train 6 days a week work different parts of their games.They also need Good training partners who don"t do the white belt freak out!! If you can keep at it 6 days a week you will become a beast

#7 days a week = too much the body needs rest a lot of people I know use the 7th day of the week to do yoga,hike,swim or just relax.The body needs time to rest and recover

Thanks for reading
Jon Santos 2013

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