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Jiu Jitsu academy is not a prison. It is a training facility

By Jon Santos - Posted on 29 September 2011

People that show up to train get better period.I have seen a lot of talent while training Jiu Jitsu since 1995 some have made it to the next level David Terrell,Gil Castillo,Nick Diaz,Jake Shields,Nathan Diaz,Gilbert Melendez to name a few who became stars.
The sad part about it is those few examples are very rare!Many more with physical gifts Speed,power gave up pushed their chair back and walked away.

Jiu Jitsu,MMA,Muay Thai & wrestling all take a lot of time and dedication I have seen so many naturally gifted people just stop.From the new guy who trained hard for the first six months to the guy/girl who gave up right before they got their respected next belt.
The best advice I could give is to take training slowly.Stretch your body and your mind.Learn from mistakes always keep the learning doors open.Where there is a will there is a way!Never forget that always follow your dreams.

A good training partner has no ego.

A bad training partner is void of self confidence and tends to resort to crappy technique which will inevitably result in heightened tensions and injuries.

A good partner is sensitive to the other person’s bumps and bruises. If a person has a bad shoulder a good training partner will make sure to avoid any unnecessary movements that puts the shoulder in harm’s way.

A bad training partner is inconsiderate and will charge in blind regardless of a person’s particular injury.

A brazilian jiu jitsu academy is not a prison. It is a training facility. Everyone is there to learn and help each other grow as jiu jitsu competitors. You are not there to tap everyone you roll with, you are there to improve your jiu jitsu. You are not at a competition when you are on the training mat you are on the training mat to help your partner.

The turtle will always win the race

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